B2B Lead Generation


Our client, situated in the competitive B2B lead generation landscape, faced a dilemma common in high-stake markets. Their efforts were pulling in leads through Google Ads, but the cost of acquisition was exorbitant, jeopardizing ROI. Furthermore, the quality of leads was inconsistent, with “junk leads” causing resource wastage.

Before partnering with us, they were contending with a hefty cost-per-click (CPC) of $20.03 and an unsustainable cost per conversion of $1,334.92.

Their return on ad spend (ROAS) was hovering at around 150%, a figure far from satisfactory considering their substantial monthly ad spend of approximately $2 million.

Our Strategy

Understanding the intricate dynamics of B2B marketing, we instituted a multi-tiered approach.

Advanced targeting tactics were employed, narrowing down the audience to those sectors and individuals who represented high-value opportunities.

To combat the influx of low-quality leads, we not only leveraged remarketing techniques but also instituted a robust lead scoring system.

This system evaluated prospects on multiple criteria, ensuring only high-potential business leads were pursued, improving overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, recognizing the need for precision in such a high-stake environment, we implemented advanced conversion tracking and integrated CRM systems.

This allowed for real-time insights into campaign performance and facilitated data-driven decisions, an absolute necessity when dealing with a multi-million dollar ad spend.

The Results

Over the six-month period, the campaign overhaul translated into striking improvements.

CPC was slashed to $8.70, and the cost per conversion more than halved, dropping to $685 — a significant reduction that brought much-needed relief to the ad budget.

These optimizations were mirrored in the ROAS, which soared to 375%, a clear indicator of improved financial health for the client’s lead gen efforts.

The cherry on top was a solid 25% increase in the conversion rate, confirming that the leads being pursued were now of a higher caliber and more likely to convert.

By reining in spend, focusing on lead quality, and leveraging advanced tracking, the campaign now justified its substantial budget.

The client could confidently invest, knowing each dollar was being used effectively to generate valuable B2B leads, fundamentally changing their business’s trajectory and solidifying their market position.


Original CPC:


After us CPC:

$ 0

Original Cost per Conv. :


After us Cost per Conv. :

$ 0

Original ROAS:


After us ROAS:

0 %

After us Increase in conversion rate by 25%