B2C Storage


Our client, a prominent B2C storage facility provider catering to local customers, had been grappling with an underperforming Google Ads campaign. Despite being a well-established entity in the storage space, they were struggling to attract sufficient leads to book their storage units, leaving valuable space unutilized.

Before seeking our expertise, their in-house Google Ads efforts were yielding a cost-per-click (CPC) of $10.52 and an alarming cost per conversion at $317, with a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 250%.

Their campaign was not optimized, and it was clear they were battling to penetrate the market effectively and fill their storage units to capacity.

Our Strategy

Upon assuming control of their flagging campaign, our initial focus was to overhaul the landing pages tied to their Google Ads.

Recognizing that the first point of digital contact needed to be impactful, we crafted and A/B tested two variants of the landing pages, each designed to more effectively capture local leads and encourage engagement.

Concurrently, we dived deep into the Google Ads campaign structure, recalibrating the approach to bidding and ad targeting to reduce wasteful ad spend.

These strategic moves were designed not just to lower the CPC and cost per conversion but also to draw a clearer path between the ad content and the landing page, ensuring a seamless and persuasive user journey.

The Results

Over the course of 4-5 months, our collaborative efforts with the client began to pay dividends.

The client’s CPC more than halved to $4.64, while the cost per conversion plummeted to $128, a strategic victory given the initial figures. More impressively, we saw a ROAS surge up to 475%, a clear indicator of the campaign’s newfound efficiency.

Furthermore, by revamping the landing pages and optimizing the ads’ link to these pages, we observed a notable 45% uptick in the conversion rate.

This surge was a direct contributor to the client’s primary objective — a substantial increase in local leads and booked storage units, marking a turn in the tide for their business.

Now, with a more robust, efficient, and profitable Google Ads framework in place, the client is well-positioned to continue building on these gains, driving forward their local engagement, and keeping their storage units filled consistently.


Original CPC:


After us CPC:

$ 0

Original Cost per Conv. :


After us Cost per Conv. :

$ 0

Original ROAS:


After us ROAS:

0 %

After us Increase in conversion rate by 45%