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Perk Practical offers a Google Analytics service that provides comprehensive insights and real-time data analysis. Tailored for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and customer engagement, it delivers detailed reports and actionable strategies.

Perk Practical

You’re working tirelessly to grow your business in the digital realm

The digital landscape is ever-changing and requires an organized and detail-oriented approach.

Unmeasured data cannot optimize a business’ online performance effectively and creates delays in the success of future business endeavors. Managed data results in data-driven decisions to achieve desired outcomes. Google Analytics, if used correctly, is an effective tool. This is where we come in. 

We want to mitigate any frustration you’re facing when it comes to adjusting, transforming, or rebuilding your business strategy and that’s why we offer comprehensive Google Analytics services. Our team of certified experts assist with setup, implementation, and audits of your Google Analytics account for accurate data collection. We consult to determine your data goals and offer solutions across multiple CMSs.

With our help, you’re free to focus on overall business goals and objectives while we ensure that every decision made is backed by reliable data.

Why you need help with Google Analytics

It's not always as clear-cut as it appears

Could mean missed opportunities or misguided strategies

Staying competitive requires expert support

While you might believe you’ve got a handle on your Google Analytics, it’s not always as clear-cut as it appears, and that’s where our winning team at Perk Practical can step in to offer a helping hand.

Understanding all the ins and outs of Google Analytics can be complex. You desire the freedom to focus on growing your business, not getting tangled up in data analysis. And let’s face it, errors or gaps in data collection could mean missed opportunities or misguided strategies.

With over 72% of websites using Google Analytics,staying competitive requires expert support. So why not let us take care of the details?

Our Google Analytics Services

Here’s a breakdown of what our services include.

GA Audit

A Google Analytics audit can help you identify gaps in your data collection and reporting to ensure that you’re getting accurate insights into your website’s performance. 

Our team of certified Google Analytics experts will review your current implementation, tags, dashboards, attribution models, and custom reports to identify opportunities for improvement.

GA Setup

We help you with Google Analytics implementation if you do not have it already in place. 

Our skilled team ensures that your implementing code is accurately placed to capture all critical standard and customized events necessary to properly track your website’s performance. 

As a result, you get a solid foundation for data analysis and decision-making.

GA Optimization

Through our Google Analytics optimization service, we help you evaluate and analyze data in-depth. 

Our team focuses on reducing your website’s bounce rates, identifying user flows, assessing page speed reports, and identifying which search terms are most effective and how you can improve your marketing plan by properly understanding your conversion rate.

GA Consulting

If you’re unsure about how to use your Google Analytics data or how to make sense of it, our Google Analytics consulting can help you to shape your business strategies and workflows. 

We will take you through the process of data analytics and help you uncover how to use the data in a way that mirrors your business structure. 

GA Training

Empowering your team to utilize Google Analytics effectively can go a long way in ensuring that the platform’s potential is not left untapped. 

We offer on-site and online Google Analytics training to educate your team members on how to properly utilize the platform. 


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Hire Perk Practical

Whether you’re a budding startup or an established corporation, our digital marketing and optimization services are tailor-made to take your business growth to the next level.

Hiring Perk Practical for your Google Analytics services is like having a GPS for your online marketing efforts. We’ll expertly navigate the data, ensuring accurate collection and analysis.

With us by your side, you’ll be free from the constraints of trying to decode complex analytics on your own. You can focus on other aspects of growing your business while we handle this critical task.

It’s time to harness the power of Google Analytics with our expertise.

Our audit service scans your Google Analytics for errors like incorrect setup, missing tracking codes, or improper account linking. It also identifies data gaps due to poor funnel configuration or unmonitored traffic sources.

Absolutely! With over 72% of top websites using Google Analytics, you're in good company.

We can set up Google Analytics across multiple sites simultaneously, freeing you to focus on your business growth instead.

Perk Practical's team analyzes your Google Analytics data,identifying key performance indicators.

We then customize reports based on these insights, providing clear visuals and actionable recommendations tailored to your specific goals and needs.