Web Analytics

Perk Practical Web Analytics service offers advanced data analysis to optimize websites. It tracks user behavior, improves engagement, and boosts conversions, providing essential insights for effective online strategies.

Perk Practical

You’re working tirelessly to grow your business in the digital realm

But do you truly understand how your customers interact with your website? That’s where our web analytics services come in.

These services are designed for businesses like yours seeking to decode consumer behavior, optimize their websites, and ultimately increase conversions. With a robust analytics strategy from Perk Practical, you’ll gain insights into the customer journey that will transform how you approach digital marketing.

We offer comprehensive training sessions on Google Analytics and provide full digital services including Google Tag Manager implementations. Our global clientele have experienced significant increases in clicks and conversions thanks to our data-driven strategies.

So if you’re ready to leverage web analytics for increased customer value and growth, get in touch

What are web analytic services?

Help you understand your customer's journey.

Scrutinize every click, page view, and interaction on your site.

Web analytics services, like the ones you can get from Perk Practical, are crucial tools in digital marketing. They help you understand your customer’s journey by tracking and analyzing data from your website. It’s all about using real metrics rather than guesses to grow your business.

Our services allow you to scrutinize every click, page view, and interaction on your site. This way, you can optimize for better user experience and higher conversion rates. It’s not just about increasing traffic; it’s about attracting relevant traffic that converts.

Our Web Analytics Services

Here’s a breakdown of what our services include.

Web tracking

By accurately configuring your account, you’ll gain insight into visitor behavior, conversion rates, and other vital metrics.

This freedom to understand and interpret data can act as a catalyst for growth. 

Perk Practical’s team of certified experts is here to help you navigate through this complex sea of information with ease. 

GA 4 Setup/Audit

With Perk Practical on your side, setting up and auditing GA4 is a walk in the park

Our Google Analytics certified team will guide you through every detail, ensuring accurate data collection from the get-go

We’ll free you from technical jargon and confusing settings, giving you peace of mind knowing that your GA4 setup is in capable hands.


By creating customized reports, we allow you to focus on what’s important – driving growth and freedom from tedious data analysis. 

Forget about getting lost in complex metrics; instead, let us guide you towards meaningful insights with user-friendly dashboards that reflect your specific goals.


Our team of certified experts uses CRO to maximize every click and turn more website visitors into customers. 

We help identify what works best on your site by analyzing user behavior data in Google Analytics

With this insight, we make targeted improvements that boost conversions and ultimately increase profits.

Pixel Implementation

Let us handle all the intricate details of pixel implementation.

Our services ensure that every bit of essential data gets captured to give you a clear picture of your online performance.

We’re committed to making sure you have complete freedom in running your business without getting bogged down by technicalities.

Conversion Tracking

Our team of certified experts will help set up your conversion tracking correctly, so you can freely measure what matters most to your business.

This way, you’re liberated from guesswork and can make data-driven decisions confidently.

Web Analytics

Who are these services for?

Whether you’re a budding startup or an established corporation, our digital marketing and optimization services are tailor-made to take your business growth to the next level.

Our services cater to a diverse clientele – from companies looking for full-fledged digital solutions, to agencies seeking assistance with Google Analytics and Tag Manager implementations.

Crucially, you’ll benefit from our expertise whether your focus is on increasing relevant traffic through SEO/AdWords strategies or improving conversions using data-driven insights. We understand that mastering these areas is key to your success. 

So, you’ve seen how web analytics services can transform your business. If you work with Perk Practical, you’ll gain insights into your customer journey and optimize conversions. Our team makes data work for you – boosting clicks, improving value, and driving growth.

Don’t just take our word for it; our global clients are seeing real results.

Let us help you make sense of the metrics and optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI!

Unlike many agencies, Perk Practical prioritizes web analytics and conversion optimization.

We deliver precise data-driven insights and implement effective strategies to maximize your conversions and boost your online performance.

Absolutely! SEO and AdWords drive targeted traffic to your site.

When these are paired with optimized landing pages, it increases the likelihood visitors will engage, thus generating more relevant traffic for your business.

The key to achieving optimal website performance is having a well-rounded approach.

This includes optimizing your website in terms of content, usability, and technical elements. 

Additionally, it’s important to ensure that all SEO elements are in place and functioning properly. Beyond these measures, utilizing web analytics and conversion rate optimization can help you continuously refine and improve your website’s performance.