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Our Proven Law Firm Blueprint - Built On Values

Perk Practical is a digital marketing agency tailored to generating qualified cases for lawyers. Our work is focused on cutting out noise and focusing on what matters most, qualified cases. We work to avoid needless charts, fancy visuals, and nonsense meetings, we focus on what is proven.

In 2024 Search Engines have become the top marketplace for law firms to generate new leads. The problem? Most don’t know how. Perk Practical has worked diligently to generate what has proven to be the most successful blueprint possible for law firms to generate more leads through Search Engines. We use a “Blended Search” model, covering the entire landscape of legal leads. We use paid media to turn the faucet on right away and organic/local search to keep the water running.

Our team, composed of the top 1% experts, has honed in a process that produces. Our plan of attack places firms at the top of their rankings in their local area and produces high-quality leads every time. We eliminated the guesswork, we know what works and what doesn’t. 

We pride ourselves on maintaining open and straightforward communication with our clients, treating them as partners rather than just contracts. Our project management is transparent, offering 100% visibility and easy access to ensure that working with us is as seamless and productive as possible. Our goal is simple: to work alongside you to win.

Core Values

Company Core Values


At Perk Practical, timeliness isn't just a company value; it's a cornerstone of our service.

We prioritize meeting project schedule deadlines, ensuring that our clients’ campaigns launch seamlessly and achieve their objectives. Emphasizing timeliness is crucial for maintaining client trust in the dynamic and competitive landscape of law marketing.

Quality Work

At Perk Practical, we prioritize delivering exceptional results by upholding the highest standards in every aspect.

We are dedicated to achieving desired outcomes, providing value, and consistently meeting or surpassing expectations. Our unwavering focus on quality guarantees that every client engagement receives the utmost attention, fostering enduring partnerships and tangible success.

Pricing Transparency

At Perk Practical, we are committed to transparent communication regarding the cost and breakdown of our services to our clients.

We prioritize fostering long-lasting relationships and aim to build trust with our clients through clear and open pricing discussions about our services, fees, and pricing structures. We believe in empowering companies to make informed decisions by ensuring they understand the value they will receive for their investment.


At Perk Practical, ethical conduct underpins our business and marketing practices.

We adhere to a code of conduct rooted in truthfulness, accountability, and respect for users, clients, and competitors. Specifically, we steer clear of deceptive tactics, prioritize user privacy, and provide accurate, relevant information. Our marketing efforts align with legal regulations that exceed industry standards, aiming to make a positive contribution to the digital ecosystem.

Organizational Structure

At Perk Practical, we meticulously scope, organize, and manage client projects with a well-defined and efficient framework.

Our team assigns clear roles and responsibilities, establishes effective communication channels, and implements systematic workflows to facilitate seamless collaboration among team members. Emphasizing this organizational structure enhances project coordination, maximizes productivity, and ensures the delivery of high-quality results within specified timelines.


Most Legal Marketing Agencies Miss the Mark.

No, we don’t just do SEO and Paid Ads - we generate local cases.

At our agency, we prioritize securing new client cases over mere metrics like “traffic,” distinguishing ourselves from many agencies that lack the nuanced understanding needed to effectively serve law firms.

Our process and operations are meticulously aligned with this goal, ensuring that our efforts directly contribute to your firm’s growth.

We uphold a culture of accountability that starts from the top, setting us apart from agencies that might make excuses or diminish their efforts over time.

We are not just about completing tasks; we are about achieving meaningful outcomes that drive your firm forward. Our commitment to your success defines us and is the reason why we exist.

Logan Jerolds